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AGPT Rural Generalist Training (AGPT RG)

Future GPs with an interest in obtaining RACGP’s Rural Generalist Fellowship can get a head start and secure one of 150 RACGP AGPT RG places in 2022.

The AGPT RG program trains GPs to deliver comprehensive general practice and emergency care, as well as components of other medical specialist care in hospital and community settings.

Community general practice remains at the heart of the program, while equipping GPs to provide extended services to meet the needs of rural and remote communities such as obstetrics, mental health, palliative care, and emergency medicine.

AGPT RG registrars must train towards the vocational Fellowship of the RACGP (FRACGP) combined with the Fellowship in Advanced Rural General Practice (FARGP).

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RACGP’s Rural Generalist Fellowship (FRACGP-RG)

The RACGP is developing a Rural Generalist Fellowship (FRACGP-RG).

The FARGP is being updated to align with a national Rural Generalist Medicine training pathway and will be replaced by a four year standalone Rural Generalist Fellowship (FRACGP-RG) offering robust, modern curricula. Key developments will start to be incorporated into the FARGP from January 2022. Immediate improvements will include working to further develop GP registrar skills training in emergency care.

The strengthening of the FARGP will assist in a smooth and simple transition process to FRACGP-RG in due course, pending formal Australian Medical Council (AMC) accreditation.

The RACGP is part of a joint application to the AMC and the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) seeking formal recognition of Rural Generalist Medicine as a specialised field within the speciality of general practice.

Once formal recognition of Rural Generalist Medicine is provided, we will seek accreditation for our Rural Generalist Fellowship, FRACGP-RG.

Transition to FRACGP-RG

Any registrars currently enrolled in the FARGP or AGPT RG training can transition to the FRACGP-RG pathway once it’s accredited by the Australian Medical Council.

The RACGP will work closely with current trainees to ensure they are completing the skills training which will allow them to complete a Rural Generalist Fellowship.

For those registrars who aren’t yet ready to commit to a rural pathway, there is always the option to undertake the AGPT and we can assist you in securing a rural rotation during your training.

We acknowledge that many competent and hardworking rural doctors do not wish to work with the extended scope of a rural generalist (RG).

The RACGP is inclusive and supportive of doctors working to support their communities across the country – rural, remote and urban – and does not believe that RG doctors are “better” doctors than their non-RG counterparts.

While RG is an important part of the rural workforce solution, it is not the only solution, and the RACGP is committed to recruiting, training and advocating for rural GPs, regardless of their chosen scope of practice.

Once we’re accredited, we will develop mechanisms for Fellowed GPs to obtain a FRACGP-RG, including recognition of prior learning and experience.


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Timeline of events

See the timeline to a Rural Generalist Fellowship (FRACGP-RG).

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FRACGP-RG information

FRACGP-RG development

FRACGP-RG development

Development of our Rural Generalist Fellowship is in progress, with two main streams of work ongoing.

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Rural Generalism

Rural Generalist recognition

We’re working on a joint application to recognise Rural Generalist Medicine as a specialised field within general practice.

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Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to frequently asked questions, or contact the team at RACGP Rural for more information.

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