Regional training organisations

AGPT Program delivery

There are nine regional training organisations (RTOs) who are contracted by the Department of Health to deliver the AGPT Program across 11 regions.

Map of Australia

Successful applicants to the AGPT Program will train with one RTO on either the general or rural pathway. For detailed information about a specific RTO, please visit their websites, which are listed here according to region.

North Eastern NSW
Lower Eastern NSW
Western NSW/ACT

GP Synergy
1300 477 963

North Western Queensland
James Cook University (JCU)
+61 7 5373 4413

South Eastern Queensland
General Practice Training Queensland (GPTQ)
+61 7 3552 8100

Western Australian General Practice Education Training (WAGPET)
+61 8 9473 8200 
Northern Territory General Practice Education (NTGPE)
+61 8 8946 7079
General Practice Training Tasmania (GPTT)
+61 3 6215 5000

Eastern Victoria
Eastern Victoria GP Training (EV)
1300 851 753

Western Victoria
Murray City Country Coast GP Training (MCCC)
1300 622 247