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Frequently asked questions

The Australian General Practice (AGPT) program will transition to the RACGP and ACRRM from the start of the 2023 training year.

This is happening as a result of a decision by the federal government that, like all other medical specialist training, GP training should be profession-led.

The program of work to transition the AGPT program to the RACGP is referred to as Professional-led community-based training (PLT). 

No. Any training activities completed prior to 2023 is recognised and forms part of your training record in the transition of the AGPT.

Yes. You can expect RACGP to maintain a high level of training support with local Training Coordinators who will be members of RACGP Local Teams. Training Coordinators will be allocated to you as a registrar for the duration of your training. 

The AGPT will continue to have the same overall structure. There will be local and regional teams managing training on a day-to-day basis.

However, the RACGP will be running training end-to-end. This means the current distributed model of training delivery that includes separate regional organisations (Training Organisations) will be absorbed by the RACGP. 

Local and regional teams will be supported by the RACGP national team which will provide specific services and resources. This model will enable an individualised approach to training while ensuring contextual relevance and national consistency. A national approach to resource management will provide significant efficiencies.

The RACGP and ACRRM will assume responsibility for management and delivery of education training and professional development across a GP’s entire career from registrar to Fellow and beyond while they continue to practice in Australia.

You can stay up to date by visiting the RACGP website. We are also currently working on a specific website for PLT which will have functionality allowing for lodgement of questions. We release the details of this site as soon as possible.