2022 AGPT final intake - CAAKT cancellation

Frequently asked questions

The difficult decision to cancel the Candidate Assessment and Applied Knowledge Test (CAAKT) for the final 2022 AGPT intake in October 2021 is due to the increased uncertainty to face-to-face exam delivery presented by COVID, particularly in New South Wales and Victoria. It is possible for the selection process to continue without the exam as the next stage can proceed remotely if required. Smaller applicant numbers in the final intake also mean that the process can proceed in an equitable way without the ranking function provided by the CAAKT.

As the selection process consists of multiple stages including an interview, the process can continue with limited modifications required to provide all eligible applicants with the opportunity to interview for a training position. The number of applicants for the final intake is much smaller, allowing for all eligible applicants to continue to the next stage in this way. Cancelling the CAAKT would not have been possible for the first AGPT intake due to applicant numbers.

The next stage will be an interview with Regional Training Organisations (RTOs). All eligible applicants for the final intake will progress to an interview with the RTO for their first preference in training region and pathway.

We’ll contact all registered applicants by email to advise once the preference change period opens and to provide further details about the modified selection process. 

You can access the numbers of places available via the Training Distribution Matrix in your AGPT Portal

To support you in making your decision, you will have access to live information showing how many other applicants have preferenced each training region and pathway via the Training Distribution Matrix in the AGPT Portal