Application and selection process

RACGP selection process into the 2022 AGPT Program

Please note: The CAAKT will not proceed for the final 2022 AGPT intake in October. This is due to the increased uncertainty to face-to-face exam delivery presented by COVID, particularly in New South Wales and Victoria, and our ability to continue to deliver the selection process without an exam. Instead, all eligible candidates will progress to the next stage of the AGPT selection process – an interview with the RTO for their first preference in training region and pathway. This page will be updated soon to reflect the modified selection process.

Stage 1

Application and Eligibility

Candidates are required to complete an online application form. The process includes providing supporting documentation and referee details, and candidates can nominate up to four preferred training regions/pathways. Applications will be reviewed and candidates will be advised if they are eligible to participate in the selection process.

Stage 2

National assessment

Candidates sit the Candidate Assessment and Applied Knowledge Test (CAAKT), comprising Knowledge Test questions and Situational Judgement Test questions. The CAAKT is based on the RACGP General Practice Education Framework and focuses on knowledge, skills and attributes related to becoming a GP. Candidates are required to meet a minimum standard in the CAAKT in order to progress to the next stage of the selection process.

Stage 3

Interview and offers

Candidates progressing to the next stage may be allocated to an interview with a regional training organisation (RTO) in accord with their CAAKT ranking, training preferences (both region and pathway) and the number of training places available. Interviews will consist of five common questions in either multiple mini interview or a single interview format. Each RTO has the opportunity to ask an additional three questions specific to their region. Candidates are notified of the interview outcome by way of a joint RTO-RACGP letter. Candidates will be required to respond to any placement offers in writing.