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If you do not receive a training offer after interviewing with a training organisation during the first intake, the RACGP will provide you with information on any remaining training positions for the final intake.

Your CAAKT score is included in the interview allocations process. During this process, an automated system works through the list of eligible applicants in order, according to their ranking band, allocating applicants to interview according to their first available training preference.

Interview allocations are dependent upon your CAAKT ranking, your training preferences (both region and pathway), the number of training places available and the number of applicants in higher ranking bands who have nominated the same preferences.

You are encouraged to nominate a minimum of two training regions and up to four you are willing to work and complete your training in. Training places in all regions are limited, so not all eligible applicants will secure an interview with their first-preference training region, and allocation to any interview is not guaranteed.

You are able to list four preferred training regions in your online application. Candidates who perform better in the CAAKT are more likely to be allocated to interview for their first preferred training region/pathway. Training places are limited in all regions so allocation to interview is not guaranteed.

Even if you have several training region preferences and succeed in getting an interview, you’ll only get one invitation to an interview. This will be with the region you’ve been matched to.

Training organisations will contact all applicants undergoing interviews from Friday 28 October to Friday 4 November 2022 to schedule an interview during the selection interview period, which runs from Saturday 5 November to Sunday 13 November 2022.

If you are successful in being offered an interview, it will be conducted by a training organisation from one of the training regions you have preferenced. Interviews will consist of five common questions in either multiple, mini interview or single panel interview format. Each training organisation has the opportunity to ask up to an additional three questions specific to their region.

In some regions, interviews may be done remotely, and in some they may be face to face. This will depend on the region and other considerations such as applicable COVID restrictions. However, the format, questions, interviewers and marking will be the same in each training region.

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