Self directed learning

Learning activities

Self directed learning allows GPs to pursue educational activities that are not accredited by the QI&CPD Program, these activities can then be recorded against a GP's professional development.

These activities are divided into two categories.

Category 1 activities

GPs may complete an individual application for Category 1 activities where the provider has not applied for QI&CPD points or where a GP has self-directed their education. GPs are reminded to complete all mandatory fields prior to submission.

Category 2 activities

Individual GPs may record participation in educational activities that are not accredited by the QI&CPD program which they view as valuable in fulfilling their learning needs. GPs can self-record an unlimited number of Category 2 unaccredited activities, however, QI&CPD points are capped at 20 per triennium.

To complete a self-directed activity GPs applications may be submitted online via the myCPD or by sending a paper application to the relevant state QI&CPD office. Please view the self-directed activities listed in the table below.

Category 1 Quality improvement activities

Other Category 1 activities

Individual clinical audit

Educator ALM

Small group clinical audit

Higher education

Evidence based medicine journal club

Individual active learning module

Individual PDSA

Peer review journal article

Small group PDSA


Individual research


Small group research


Small group learning


Supervised clinical attachment




Category 2 activities


Unaccredited category 2




Quality improvement reflection