Planning learning and need (PLAN)

As part of the RACGP’s commitment to continually evaluate and improve the QI&CPD Program, the 2017–19 triennium will include an increased focus on reflective learning practices.

To promote reflective learning practice in continuing professional education, the RACGP is introducing the planning learning and need (PLAN) Category 1 quality improvement activity.

The new PLAN activity enables general practitioners (GPs) to self-identify priority areas of general practice learning needs in accordance with their personal, patients and community needs. The PLAN activity can only be completed online through the myCPD web page.

The PLAN activity will further support GPs on their educational journey, providing improved capacity to structure ongoing learning for their professional aspirations and the services required to meet the evolving needs of their patients and the community.

Need help with PLAN? View the video tutorials

To assist you in navigating your way through the PLAN activity, please click on the below to view the instructional tutorials.



Instructional tutorials


PLAN timeline

QI&CPD Program participants are advised to complete the initial practice profile and self-assessment components of the PLAN activity early in the 2017–19 triennium. The reflection step needs to be submitted by 31 December 2019. Download an example of the planning learning and need (PLAN) activity.


To assist you with the new PLAN quality improvement activity the RACGP has developed  Frequently asked questions