Your natural home for CPD

Manage your professional development needs, all in one place


Your natural home for CPD

Manage your professional development needs, all in one place


CPD is included in your RACGP membership - there's no need to look any further

  • Your RACGP membership opens up a network of professional development opportunities that are already built into your member benefits.
  • Get started on your professional development for 2023 with our range of CPD solutions.
  • Take a holistic view of your professional development progress through myCPD Home.
  • Choose a relevant CPD solution in the format that you want, when you want it.
  • Use our tools and resources to map out your learning, complete your professional development plan and log your hours.

Introducing our new app – RACGP myCPD

Whenever and wherever it suits you, the RACGP myCPD app allows you to easily log your hours, browse through hundreds of quality, relevant CPD activities, and keep track of your progress. Download the app to your smartphone or tablet today by searching ‘mycpd’ in the App Store or Google Play.

Providing solutions to help you fulfil your CPD requirements

The RACGP has taken the MBA’s requirements and worked them in to a CPD program that recognises the work you do in your everyday practice. You can choose from a range of tailored CPD solutions to find a range of activities and learning opportunities that suit your scope of practice – and help you reach your CPD goals.

Each calendar year you will need to record 50 hours of CPD across different activity types. There are some required activity types, but also flexibility in how you make up some of your hours.

NB. You’ll note the change from points in previous years.



As a requirement of the Medical Board, you will also need to complete a Professional Development Plan (PDP) each year.

We are creating a simple tool on the myCPD Dashboard to make the process easy for you. Watch this video on how to start your PDP.

GPs are required to develop and improve their practice for the following program-level requirements:

  • Culturally Safe Practice
  • Health inequities
  • Professionalism and ethical practice
These requirements can be found in section C3, Criteria for AMC Accreditation of CPD Homes.

Each triennium, you will need to complete a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) course. While the other tasks are annual, you will have three years to update your CPR skills. This is an RACGP high level requirement, not mandated by the MBA. We will also accept other courses that meet the Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines such as BLS and ALS courses which include CPR. The Medical Board of Australia has determined that all CPR courses will only be eligible for hours under the Educational Activities CPD type.

Find a CPD solution that suits you

RACGP’s CPD solutions have been developed with you in mind. We've carefully curated professional development content in a range of delivery formats – all driven by your needs.

Activities can range from live and on-demand webinar series, peer to peer learning through the specific interest network, face to face events and conferences, and medical journals like AJGP and check, which all contribute to your annual hourly requirements. We’ve also made it easy for you to Quick Log incidental and every day learning you do on the job (like corridor conversations with peers), because we recognise this is where a lot of your learning happens.

Choose from our list of CPD Solutions – tailored packages that we’ve put together for you based on your area of interest or career stage.

GP online information sessions

Hosted by GPs and supported by RACGP CPD program coordinators, these webinars will provide you with up-to-date information on the changes to CPD. We’ll break down the requirements, showcasing real life examples of how you can seamlessly and easily record your activities and make CPD an integrated part of your day-to-day life. Access a recording of a previous session here:

Helping you understand how your CPD can work for you

Your 2023 CPD Handbook for GPs (requires website login)

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