Frequently asked questions

Last updated 1 October 2021


According to the RACGP’s Vision for general practice and a sustainable healthcare system, high performing general practice starts with fostering engaged leadership.

“As well as having a leadership role within the practice, GP leaders also advocate for patients and general practice within the broader healthcare system.” 
Excerpt from Vision for general practice and a sustainable healthcare system
The RACGP’s Future Leaders Program focuses on leadership development for general practitioners operating within a complex healthcare system. The program does this by increasing knowledge, understanding and capabilities in leadership domains aligned to the RACGP’s Vision. These domains include: 

Foundation knowledge

  • Values and culture
  • Effective communication
  • Thriving under pressure
  • Project management
  • Organisation dynamics
  • Change management
  • Influencing
  • Strategic thinking
  • Advocacy
  • Representation (including group dynamics) 

The RACGP’s Future Leaders program is designed for RACGP Fellows who have had some experience of leadership, but who have not yet undergone significant formal leadership training.
The program has been designed to be accessible and to allow for growth as a leader at your own pace through a blended learning approach. This includes a two day intensive workshop in March 2022 followed by six months of fortnightly activities including webinars at the beginning of each month and small group meetings (video conference) at the end of each month. 


In addition to being an RACGP Fellow, you must demonstrate that you:  

  • have previous leadership experience by providing examples of where you have acted as a representative or led an initiative, committee or working group:
    • within your practice or workplace if you are working in research or academia; OR
    • within community groups; OR
    • within other healthcare or community service organisations, such as a PHN.
  • are willing to take part in behavioural evaluations and discuss your feedback with the wider group
  • are willing to take part in an individual leadership project, monthly webinars, and facilitated small group meetings (video conferences)
  • have the time available to commit to your project, monthly group work, self-study and webinars, which equates to approximately four hours per week from March 2022 to September 2022
  • are driven and goal-oriented with commitment to developing as a leader
  • are willing to work with a mentor in order to discuss experiences, seek advice and hear alternative perspectives on both leadership opportunities and challenges. 

You are also required to provide contact details for two RACGP Fellows (or equivalent) who are willing to give you references, which include examples of how you meet the selection criteria. 

If you have already completed significant leadership development as part of another program, then we welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you to make sure that we are meeting your needs.

The cost of the program, including all workshops, workbooks, podcasts, webinars and facilitators is covered by the RACGP – there is no cost to participants. 

However, you are responsible to pay for your own travel and accommodation, if any is required.

In terms of equipment, you will need good, reliable internet access with headphones and a webcam. A webcam is vital for the small group meetings (video conferences) as voice-only participation significantly impacts on group dynamics and productivity. 

There are no compulsory book purchases.   

The program is delivered through a mixture of blended learning methods, with a focus on online delivery. 

We expect you to commit approximately four hours per week to the program. This includes time taken to review program materials, meet with your mentor, take part in webinars and group meetings and to undertake your project. 


The Program Manager will communicate with you regularly by telephone and email before the program starts and for the duration of the program. 

The program will also have a dedicated Facebook group for participants to take part in discussion, support and sharing resources including workbooks, podcasts and links to videos and other online materials. 

Each month resources will be posted online in the group so that you are always able to access and refer back to them when needed. 

If you have been allocated an RACGP mentor then you will have monthly meetings to discuss your progress. 

Once you have received confirmation of a place on the 2021 program, a telephone or Zoom meeting will be booked with the Future Leaders Program Manager for May 2021 to discuss your individual development needs in detail.    

This is a confidential discussion about your experience to date and your career aspirations. Based upon that information, a suitable mentor will then be allocated to you. You will be contacted before a final decision is made to ensure that there is no potential conflict there.  We do not have a list of mentors for participants to choose from. We work with an experienced group of mentors, many of whom include Future Leaders Alumni and Senior GPs.   

The success of a mentoring relationship is contingent upon rapport, both parties understanding the requirements of the relationship, both parties understanding each other’s expectations and having an agreement about the best way to work together.    

As the mentee, you are expected to drive the relationship; however, if despite your best attempts you find that your relationship with your mentor is not working, we ask that you let us know as quickly as possible. Occasionally, a mismatch does occur and we are always willing to explore alternatives with you. 

Assessment consists of the following: 

  • Participation in online group discussions following each webinar
  • Minimum attendance at four out of six webinars (these are recorded so if you miss one or two, it is feasible for you to catch up)
  • Submission of a completed project plan 

You will be provided with templates, support and feedback throughout the program to ensure that you are on track and confident about what you need to deliver. 

A certificate of completion will be emailed to you following successful completion of the Future Leaders program. 

Please email with any general queries you may have about the program.