Voluntary Assisted Dying and the General Practitioner

Webinar summary

8 October 2019

The Voluntary Assisted Dying Act (VAD) (2017) was introduced in Victoria and came into effect in June 2019. Patients who are at the end of life and who meet strict eligibility criteria can now request access to voluntary assisted dying.

This webinar looks at aspects of the legislation and provides guidance for General Practitioners.

The session provides information on the VAD Act , the major features of the legislation and eligibility criteria. Options for patients in Victoria with an incurable, advanced and progressive illness are discussed as well as the GP’s role in VAD.


Dr Greg Mewett - Palliative Care Physician

Dr Owen Bradfield - General Practitioner and Health Lawyer

Mr Julian Gardner - Lawyer, Former Chairperson VAD Implementation Taskforce Victorian Public Advocate


A/P Morton Rawlin


Voluntary Assisted Dying and the General Practitioner


The video and transcription will be available soon.