End of life care – The GPs role in residential aged care

Webinar summary

19 June 2019

RACGP Victoria new Fellows committee are pleased to present the second of two webinars on End of Life care. The overarching aim of this webinar is to encourage GPs to continue providing excellent care to people living in aged care facilities and tips on overcoming some of the challenges.

The webinar will discuss the evolving role of GPs in residential aged care facilities (RACFs) and the management of some commonly encountered problems.

Recent changes to Medicare item numbers used for RACF visits, models of providing care to nursing homes, will be discussed as well clinical support services you can call upon for assistance and an outline of the ACFI funding model.


Dr Sachin Patel, Founder, Aged Care GP

Dr Kelly Wright, Geriatrician, Age Right Victoria

Ms Narelle Grech, RN & Clinical Services Manager, Arcadia Aged Care Churches of Christ, Essendon


Dr Imran Marzook, GP working part-time in aged care


End of life – The GPs role in residential aged care


The video and transcription will be available soon.