COVID-19: Impact on pregnancy and breast-feeding

Webinar summary

5 May 2020

With the physiological changes of pregnancy comes a greater susceptibility to COVID-19 infection. Pregnant women are considered to be “at-risk-group”, so what assessment and management strategies can GPs employ to ensure maternal and foetal safety?

In this webinar, Dr Kenneth Nathan discusses pregnancy management in a primary care setting. This webinar examines symptom onset, intrauterine vertical transmission potential, whether vaginal delivery increases infection risk, susceptibility of person-to-person spread post-delivery and recommendations on breastfeeding for COVID-19 positive mothers.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Describe the symptoms and impact of COVID-19 in pregnant women as compared with the general population
  2. Identify current evidence and recommendations regarding COVID-19 transmission risk associated with caesarean versus vaginal delivery
  3. Discuss breastfeeding recommendations for COVID-19 positive mothers
  4. List the current evidence on neonatal outcomes of COVID-19 pregnancies


Dr Kenneth Nathan


Dr Ramya Raman


COVID-19: Impact on pregnancy and breast-feeding