Breastfeeding in general practice

Webinar summary

This webinar explains the benefits of human milk and the risks to maternal and child health of not breastfeeding plus lactation and milk sharing topics.

Webinar 1 in a series, organised by the RACGP Victoria New Fellows Committee.

Common breastfeeding problems and their management are discussed and useful lactation resources provided.


Dr Sara Whitburn


Dr Anita Bearzatto (GP and Lactation Consultant)

Dr Sara Whitburn (GP and Lactation Consultant)

What you always wanted to know - part 1


What you always wanted to know - part 2

Following on from the 2016 RACGP Victoria Breastfeeding in general practice webinar, the New Fellows Committee present another interactive webinar aimed at GPs discussing issues around breastfeeding. This webinar discusses in greater detail: assessing breastfeeding latch, supply issues, slow weight gain in breastfeeding babies and the issues around tongue ties. Other topics include lactation and milk sharing.