Managing prostate cancer in general practice

Webinar summary

18 September 2018

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in Australian men. Despite a high survival rate a significant sub-group of patients report poor quality of life related to treatment side effects. There is potential for general practice to improve their patients experience and outcomes by being aware of risk factor, informing and assisting men with their decision regarding PSA testing, knowing which symptoms to investigate further as well as understanding management options and supportive care needs.

This webinar focuses on imparting the necessary skills and knowledge to GPs to enable them to provide current evidence-based care to their patients. Tools which support discussions around PSA testing in asymptomatic patients, for patients presenting with signs and symptoms and for accessing local referral pathways are discussed.

Following this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Describe the current evidence related to prevention, early detection, presentation, initial investigations and referral for prostate cancer;
  • Use evidence-based tools and resources to determine patients risk of prostate cancer and to help asymptomatic patients decide whether to proceed with PSA testing;
  • Identify how to access local diagnostic imaging and specialist appointment referral pathways for patients presenting with signs and symptoms of prostate cancer.

This webinar is proudly supported by the Cancer Council Victoria, the University of Melbourne, and the Victorian Government.

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Professor Jon Emery
Assoc Prof Declan Murphy



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