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gplearning is free to members

gplearning is the RACGP’s online portal that provides general practice education and is free to RACGP members with current member log in.

Every educational activity is evidence based, peer reviewed and developed ‘by GPs for GPs’ with the aim of supporting the provision of high-quality, person-centred, continuing comprehensive and coordinated whole-person healthcare to individuals and families in their communities.

Available 24 hours per day, every day, gplearning activities are:

  • practical to access – convenient and cost effective
  • highly interactive and engaging
  • a user-friendly way to plan, manage, track and learn while meeting the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements
  • for all stages of the general practice journey, from junior doctors, to general practice registrars, to vocationally registered GPs.

If you are a subject matter expert and wish to contribute to the development of RACGP educational content, please click here to submit your details.

gplearning 2023

As of 1 March 2023 we’re transitioning activities out of the 2020-22 system, renamed gplearning-transition (as of 1 March 2023), and into the new gplearning 2023. Discover a wide range of activities for this year’s CPD, all included in your membership.

Our new learning environment makes it easier for you find and complete the CPD you need. You now have access to even more content that will help you meet your hours for Educational Activities, Reviewing Performance and Measuring Outcomes.

Accessing gplearning

  1. Connect and log in to the RACGP website
  2. Click on My Account
    1. Before 1 March 2023: Click on the gplearning link
    2. From 1 March 2023:
      1. gplearning 2023 – Use this link to access the activities for this year’s CPD
      2. gplearning-transition – Use this link if you are midway through 2023 CPD content or if you are accessing a paid course or training program

Please note that you will need to be logged in to the RACGP website first for your profile to be automatically logged in to the gplearning learning management systems.

Exam preparation content

To locate Exam specific content you can either:

  • go to the LMS Dashboard, scroll down to the Content Quick Search and click on Exam, or
  • go to the Browse tool and search for Exams
The results you get back will default to showing any exam related courses you have not yet enrolled in. To view courses you are enrolled in, change the Sort dropdown from Most Relevant to Already Enrolled.

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