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2018 – topics and release dates



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Unit 546 – Abuse and violence

First week of February 2018

Units 546–547, volume 1
Mid April 2018

Unit 547 – Allergies

First week of March 2018

Unit 548 – Male reproductive

First week of April 2018

Units 548–550, volume 2
Mid July 2018

Unit 549 – Female reproductive

First week of May 2018

Unit 550 – Child development

First week of June 2018

Unit 551 – Ophthalomology

First week of July 2018

Units 551–553, volume 3
Mid October 2018

Unit 552 – Neurology

First week of August 2018

Unit 553 – Musculoskeletal

First week of September 2018

Unit 554 – Renal problems

First week of October 2018

Units 554–556, volume 4
Mid January 2019

Unit 555 – Immunology

First week of November 2018

Unit 556 – Digestive

First week of December 2018

*Topics are subject to change.
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