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RACGP’s CPD solution for professionalism and ethical practice

RACGP’s suite of CPD approved activities available on gplearning

Last revised: 14 Dec 2023

RACGP’s CPD Solution for professionalism and ethical practice

RACGP’s suite of CPD approved activities available on gplearning

Title Description CPD hours
AJGP Clinical Challenge, December 2023, Medicolegal Explore the medicolegal pitfalls when assessing decision-making capacity in people with cognitive impairment; managing parental disagreement; microaggressions in the general practice setting; healthcare, mandatory reporting and medical students; the role of the GP in specialist referrals; and managing patient complaints. 6 EA, 6 RP
Ethical and legal considerations in general practice MCQs Explore your role and responsibility as a GP in situations that require you to exercise your ethical and legal obligations and ways to navigate some of these challenging situations. 0.5 EA, 0.5 RP
AJGP clinical challenge April 2023: Prescribing
This issue covers deprescribing considerations for older people; nature prescribing in general practice; low-dose naltrexone in the treatment of fibromyalgia; and the impact of harm reduction practices of non-prescribed
performance and image-enhancing drug use.
2 EA, 3 RP, 2 MO
Addressing doctor’s health: caring for ourselves and our colleagues Health practitioners are integral to optimising patient safety and quality of care. This module explores the risk factors and warning signs of stress and burnout and outlines principles of self-care and effective preventative strategies for GPs. 0.5 EA, 0.5 RP
Clinical risk management in general practice Learn how to identify, discuss, and manage clinical risks, errors, near-misses and adverse events. This module
also explores medico-legal aspects of risk and incident management and disclosure to patients.
5.5 EA, 0.5 RP
Effective use of GP shared resources and the multidisciplinary general practice team to improve patient access and GP workflow Explore how to optimise the skills and workload of your practice team through consideration of population need, individual workflows and expertise, and ways to improve efficiencies. 1 EA, 2.5 RP, 0.5 MO
Advanced care planning This module explores the principles of advanced care planning, identification of suitable patients, and criteria that determine a patient’s mental capacity to execute and
advance care directive.
0.5 EA, 0.5 RP
Managing legal dimensions in general practice This module provides an overview of some of the important legal responsibilities that GPs must comply with, including patient consent, record keeping, certificates and notifications, end of life management, ensuring safety and managing complaints and critical incidents. 1 EA
Child abuse and neglect GPs are well placed in the healthcare system to identify children who may be experiencing abuse due to their ongoing relationship with families. This activity outlines the responsibilities of the GP in relation to mandatory reporting
of child abuse and neglect.
0.5 EA, 0.5 RP
Reducing your risk of Medicare non- compliance

This activity is designed to improve GP understanding of the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) and reduce the risk of incorrect billing and non-compliance. It aims to help you better understand the basic principles of the MBS, problem item numbers and compliance processes.

2.5 EA, 4 RP
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