RACGP's CPD solution for culturally safe practice

Self-directed RP or MO activity options

Last revised: 18 Apr 2024

RACGP’s CPD Solution for culturally safe practice

Self-directed RP or MO activity options

The hours indicated for each activity are only a guide. We recommend you record the actual time spent engaged in the activity outlined. To view these activities, please see Appendix 1.

Reviewing Performance:

RP1 Reflect on your local area (0.5hr RP)
RP2 Reflection on a book/documentary/movie (0.5hr RP)
RP3 Reflect on your local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services (0.5hr RP)
RP4 Role-play rapport building with a colleague or friend (0.5hr RP)
RP5 Reflect on The Voice to Parliament Referendum (1hr RP)
RP6 Ask patients about their identity (2hrs RP)
RP7 Prepare and reflect on a 715 check (1hr RP)
RP8 Local need for interpreters (0.5hr RP)
RP9 Chronic pain presentation scenario — reflection or role-play (0.5hr RP)
RP10 Patient review — preventative health screen for new residents (1hr RP)

Measuring Outcomes:

MO1 Random case analysis — person-centred care approach (1hr MO)
MO2 Conduct a mini-audit — Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health (5hrs MO)
MO3 Audit your clinic’s cultural safety (approx. 5hrs RP, 5hrs MO)
MO4 Implement NACCHO/RACGP Good Practice tables (approx. 15hrs RP, 15hrs MO)
MO5 Conduct a mini-audit — provision of trauma informed care (5hrs MO)
MO6 Conduct a mini-audit — culturally and linguistically diverse patient health (5hrs MO)
This event attracts CPD points and can be self recorded

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