RACGP’s CPD solution for addressing health inequities

Self-directed RP or MO activity options

Last revised: 18 Apr 2024

RACGP’s CPD Solution for addressing health inequities

Self-directed RP or MO activity options

The hours indicated for each activity are only a guide. We recommend you record the actual time spent engaged in the activity outlined. To view these activities, please see Appendix 1.

Reviewing Performance 

RP1 Review health outcomes for rural Australians (0.5hr RP)
RP2 Care requirements for rural Australians – procedural skills (0.5hr RP)
RP3 Reflection — stereotypes of substance use (0.5hr RP)
RP4 Practice discussing lifestyle behaviour change (0.5hr RP)
RP5 Reflection — procedural skills for a trauma history or cognitive impairment (0.5hr RP)
RP6 Prevention of vicarious trauma (0.5hr RP)
RP7 Needs analysis — release from prison scenario (1hr RP)
RP8 Reflection — the role of the GP for different scopes of practice (1hr RP)
RP9 Patient reported feedback — supporting families (1hr RP)
RP10 Practice approach to patient behaviours — managing de-escalation (1hr RP)
RP11 Reflection — difficult conversations (1hr RP)
RP12 Needs analysis — at-risk adolescent mental health (1hr RP)

Measuring Outcomes

MO1 Random case analysis – the doctor/patient relationship (1hr MO)
MO2 Random case analysis – the vaccine hesitant patient (1hr MO)
MO3 Random case analysis – care for younger patients with a disability (1hr MO)
MO4 Random case analysis – supporting families requiring behaviour support (1hr MO)
MO5 Random case analysis – opioids and overdose prevention (2hrs MO)
MO6 Mini-audit – screening for alcohol, tobacco and other drug use (5hrs MO)
MO7 Mini-audit – at risk new mothers (5hrs MO)
MO8 Mini-audit – patients who have been in prison (5hrs MO)
MO9 Quality improvement – preventative health screening (15hrs RP, 10hrs MO)
M10 Quality improvement – reduce barriers to care access (15hrs RP, 10hrs MO)
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