RACGP’s CPD solution for addressing health inequities

RACGP’s suite of CPD approved activities available on gplearning

Last revised: 18 Apr 2024

RACGP’s CPD Solution for addressing health inequities

RACGP’s suite of CPD approved activities available on gplearning

Upon completion of these activities, the RACGP will upload your CPD hours on your behalf.

Title Description CPD hours
Refugee health Refugee populations have complex and diverse healthcare needs. Learn how to approach refugee health assessment for the associated spectrum of common physical and mental health issues that may present and ways to support care access. 0.5 EA, 0.5 RP
Alcohol and Other Drugs Training
Essential Skills
Asking and Assessing for AOD use
Readiness for change and motivational interviewing
Patient assessment
Harm minimisation
Creating treatment plans for patients
GP-managed withdrawal and relapse prevention
GP-led alcohol home withdrawal and relapse prevention
Pharmacotherapy for Opioid Use Disorders
GP self-care and safety
Facilitating behaviour change
Providing trauma informed care
Supporting people in contact with the criminal justice system
Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
This training package was initially developed as part of the RACGP’s Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) GP Education Program delivered during 2019-2022.
More recently these modules have been redeveloped to allow you to complete them individually at your own pace, according to your knowledge and experience.
Each module promotes an evidence-based, whole-of- person care and therapeutic approach that is safe for you and the patient. This approach is key to reducing barriers to health care experienced by people who use alcohol and other drugs.
The module options follow the structure of the 5’As framework to support behaviour change (Ask, Assess, Advice, Assist, and Arrange).
Together, the modules aim to strengthen your knowledge and core consult skills so you can confidently engage and support those at higher risk of harm associated from their alcohol and other drug use.
18 EA, 1 RP
Family Abuse and Violence Pathway This Learning Pathway is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to appropriately identify and respond to patients experiencing family abuse and violence. The pathway is comprised of ten modules that can be completed individually or in order.
  1. Introduction to family abuse and violence – The role of general practice
  2. Family abuse and violence – Trauma-informed care
  3. Intimate partner violence – Identification and initial response
  4. Intimate partner violence – Risk assessment and safety planning
  5. Intimate partner violence – Working with perpetrators
  6. Intimate partner violence – A focus on specific populations
  7. Dating violence and technology-facilitated abuse
  8. Child abuse and neglect
  9. Sibling abuse, adolescent-to-parent violence, and abuse of older people
  10. Family abuse and violence – GP support and self- care
6 EA, 5 RP
Adult preventative care: Applying the red book every day Explore population screening and use of screening tools, how to identify individuals at risk of common preventable
conditions and provide opportunistic advice on healthy lifestyles and health interventions.
0.5 EA, 0.5 RP
Consultation and communication with specific groups This module explores communication and consultation with children, young people, older patients and those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. 1 EA
Knee osteoarthritis in general practice This activity promotes a best practice approach to diagnosis osteoarthritis, and techniques to engage and educate the patient to develop an effective treatment plan to manage their pain. 0.5 EA, 0.5 RP
Evaluation of mental health strategies in general practice This clinical audit aims to assist GPs in evaluating their practice in relation to patients with mental health issues to identify opportunities for practice improvement. 1 EA, 2 RP, 4 MO
Antenatal and postnatal shared care course This learning pathway is designed to assist GPs deliver antenatal and postnatal care in a general practice setting. The pathway includes 6 modules that you can access individually or complete as a whole package.
  1. Clinical care in the first trimester
  2. First trimester screening
  3. Rh incompatibility and managing early bleeding
  4. Obesity and diabetes in pregnancy
  5. Hypertension in pregnancy
  6. Managing perinatal mental health issues in general practice
4.5 EA, 2.5 RP
AJGP’s clinical challenge, November 2023: Musculoskeletal This ‘musculoskeletal’ issue of the Australian Journal of General Practice explores a range of clinical topics pain
and sports related presentations and diabetic peripheral neuropathy.
5 EA, 5 RP
Check unit: 606, Men’s Health, October / November 2023 In this edition of check, experts provide cases that address issues and clinical presentations related to each of the five priority health issues identified in the National Men’s Health Strategy. 6 EA, 6 RP
Closing the gap: Addressing chronic kidney disease in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples End-stage kidney failure and chronic kidney disease prevalence is greatly increased for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Discover ways to offer timely screening and preventive activities, detection and management for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
0.5 EA, 5 RP
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