New Medical Board of Australia’s CPD registration standard FAQs

What is the new MBA CPD registration standard?

Australia’s Health Ministers approved the below changes effective 1 January 2023.

  1. Medical practitioners need to do 50 hours of CPD each year through self-directed and/or provider-led education, made up of:
    • 25 hours of CPD, categorised as ‘reviewing performance’ and ‘measuring outcomes’ - GPs can decide on the best mix for these activities to suit their practice, with five hours minimum of each type.
      • Examples of ‘reviewing performance’ are Basic Life Support/Advanced Life Support courses, teaching medical students/registrars, multisource feedback, peer group learning and provider-led education activities that indicate this category
      • Examples of ‘measuring outcomes’ are an individual or group audit, plan, do, study, act (PDSA), practice accreditation and provider-led education activities that indicate this category
    • 12.5 hours learning or educational activities, categorised as ‘knowledge and skills’
      • Examples are reading medical journals, attending lectures, conferences, workshops and provider-led education activities that indicate this category
    • 12.5 hours – GPs choose across the three categories of CPD
  2. Develop a written annual professional development plan
  3. Meet the requirements of a CPD program of an accredited ‘CPD home’

For more information see new MBA CPD registration standard.

What was the consultation process?

Consultation with the MBA on the proposed changes to CPD has been ongoing since 2016, and these changes are not unexpected.

For the final MBA consultation, in December 2019, the RACGP distributed the MBA’s public consultation paper to all GPs and collated around 700 responses that was provided to the MBA – Submission to MBA.

Do these changes affect all medical practitioners?

Yes, these changes to the MBA CPD registration standard apply to all registered medical practitioners effective 1 January 2023.

Other medical colleges have already incorporated these changes to their CPD program and moved to annual CPD cycles, recording CPD in hours and introduced a Professional Development Plan (PDP).

Will the RACGP continue to set the CPD minimum requirements for specialists GPs?

Yes, RACGP will continue to set the CPD minimum requirements for all specialist GPs, and this will not change in 2023.

What is the RACGP doing to address these upcoming changes?

RACGP is prepared and will be here to assist GPs to achieve the regulatory requirements of the MBA without additional administrative workload.

Aspects of the new CPD standard have already been incorporated into the CPD program such as:

  • Hours are recorded alongside points, visible on your ‘myCPD dashboard’.
  • Quick log accessible through ‘myCPD dashboard’, enables you to quickly record your CPD hours
  • Activities are categorised into ‘reviewing performance’, ‘measuring outcomes’, and ‘knowledge and skills’ and you can track CPD hours in each category on your ‘myCPD dashboard’
  • For activities delivered by our education providers, CPD points and hours are automatically uploaded to your CPD dashboard
  • The current GP Handbook has examples of activities in the categories of ‘measuring outcomes’ and ‘reviewing performance’
    NB: the GP Handbook is currently being reviewed

Below is a range of example of education activities in each CPD category. The activities (in bold) fit into more than one category of CPD.

Knowledge and Skills

Reviewing performance

Measuring outcomes

GP Research (individual GP or group)
Higher education/Professional certification

Peer group learning (PGL)
Supervised clinical attachment (SCA)
Peer reviewed journal article (Publications)
Random case analysis (RCA)
Multisource Feedback
Any competency-based skills training, e.g. Advance Life Support (ALS), Basic Life Support (BLS), etc.
Higher education / Professional certification
Practice Accreditation

Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA)
Peer reviewed journal article (Publications)
Evidence based medicine journal club (EBMJC)
GP Research (individual GP or group)
Practice Accreditation