Handbook for general practitioners

Strengthened education

New processes for approving CPD education activities have been introduced to strengthen the educational rigour of CPD, and to ensure that activities focus on high quality education suited to your professional development needs: 

  • 100% of CPD Accredited Activities are reviewed against the CPD Education Standards and approved prior to advertising
  • 10% of CPD Activities are audited for quality assurance

The value of CPD-branded education

The RACGP supports the provision of high-quality educational activities, and the logos are designed to help you identify and choose appropriate CPD. The logo is a sign of valuable and relevant CPD education for GPs. 

Only RACGP education providers are eligible to use the CPD logo to brand their activities. Each activity is developed in accordance with the RACGP Education Standards, and the quality and relevance of an activity is maintained through regular auditing. The RACGP has the ability to investigate GPs’ concerns or complaints about an activity, further strengthening quality assurance. Should an activity not comply with RACGP Education Standards, and if remediation fails, permission to use the CPD logo will be withdrawn. 

It is recognised that not all high-quality CPD is provided by RACGP education providers. Those who deliver CPD education are encouraged to become RACGP CPD providers, and in this triennium the RACGP has removed barriers that may have previously been a disincentive to an organisation’s engagement with the RACGP. 

All providers of high-quality CPD should easily be able to apply for education provider status, and therefore be eligible to use the CPD logo to signify that their CPD education meets the required educational standards in terms of quality and relevance.

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