Frequently asked questions
for CPD Providers


Frequently asked questions
for CPD Providers

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CPD Activities

Some activities run right up until the end of December 2022 and GPs will still want to collect these points. 

The CPD dashboard for 2020-22 will remain open until early 2023 to allow providers time to upload points from the previous triennium. We’ll notify providers before closing off access to the previous triennium dashboard.

The 2023–25 provider dashboard will be available towards the end of this year. 

You’ll need to manually upload these activities onto the 2023–25 CPD dashboard.
Before you can submit your activity to the new dashboard, you’ll have to: 

  • review all previous evaluations and feedback for quality improvement  
  • check the activity is still relevant to GPs and the information is up to date  
  • ensure the activity meets the new CPD Medical Board of Australia (MBA) standards  
  • map the activity against the new 2022 RACGP Curriculum and syllabus for Australian General Practice  
  • enter the activity details into the dashboard and map them against the three activity types.  
  1. Educational activities (knowledge and skills)
  2. Measuring outcomes
  3. Reviewing performance  

Yes, activities can be under more than one type. A CPD approved activity has the flexibility to be in only one type or be a mix of two or three types.  

We’ve developed clear definitions, exemplars and updated CPD standards to help you. In addition, CPD representative (previously EAR) training and refresher training will include comprehensive training on the new CPD activity types. You can access CPD support through your local RACGP CPD program coordinator.  

With input from the GP on your planning committee, you could estimate what would be acceptable. If a GP says your activity took them longer than your estimate, they can add the additional hours via Quick Log on the myCPD dashboard.


Providers and CPD Representative

The RACGP CPD Standards provide the basis for setting and maintaining the quality of the CPD Program of the RACGP CPD home. There are two components of the RACGP CPD Standards:

  • the RACGP CPD Activity Standards
  • the RACGP CPD Provider Standards

One of the three CPD activity types in the new MBA’s CPD Registration Standards is called educational activities, so to eliminate confusion between the role and the CPD activity type, we’ve changed Education Activity Representative to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) representative. 

All EARs qualified prior to and in 2022 must do CPD representative refresher training because the changes to the requirements are significant and to maintain their status and gain access to the new CPD dashboard. Refresher training will be available online later this year. This is to ensure that all our CPD Representatives are trained on the new MBA CPD activity types to enable them to develop and deliver them for our members.   

Once someone is nominated, they’ll be assessed to see if they’re suitable for the role of CPD representative.
Suitable candidates will then complete: 

  • CPD representative – Pre-training modules
  • CPD representative – Virtual training
  • a draft CPD activity submitted through the CPD dashboard for adjudication by a program coordinator 
  • After the activity has been delivered the CPD representative will be required to complete the post-activity administrative tasks.

The program coordinator will do one final check of the activity to ensure that the CPD representative has correctly completed all the steps, following this, the CPD representative will be qualified.  

Your local program coordinator will review the activity/activities and work with the CPD representative to determine whether additional coaching/training could reduce the gap in skills/knowledge. If the gap is significant, the CPD program coordinator may reach out to the CPD provider for extra support.    

We recommend they do this within three months of the virtual component of the training to ensure skill currency. 

Generally, if a CPD representative has been inactive as a CPD representative for a triennium, they would be required to re-do the CPD representative training in the following triennium. This is to ensure that they are up to date with any changes in the CPD Program.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we expect to continue with a mix of online and in-person training.  

If you weren’t able to complete all training components, you’ll have to begin the training again from the start.  

All organisations require a qualified CPD representative to meet contract requirements. The new RACGP CPD Provider Standards states that all organisations must have a CPD representative.