Medicare requirements

Vocational Register and Fellows List requirements

If a GP wishes for their name to remain on Medicare Australia’s list of Recognised GP’s (Vocational Register/Fellows List) the following conditions apply:

  • All GPs need to meet the minimum CPD program requirements regardless of how little or how often they practice as a GP.
  • Medicare Australia holds and maintains the list of Recognised GPs and informs the RACGP of any changes. Medicare Australia is the only organisation authorised to change the status of a Recognised GP.

GPs planning to leave general practice need to temporarily remove their name from the Vocational Registration list. The following conditions apply:

  • Removal of a GP’s name from the list of Recognised GPs does not prevent the GP from practicing medicine or continuing to be a GP. Please contact Medicare Australia for further information.
  • GPs remain eligible for reinstatement to the list of Recognised GPs, no matter the duration they have been removed and/or out of general practice, so long as they hold current medical registration and are returning predominantly to general practice (The “Predominantly in General Practice” rule only applies to GPs who are included on the Vocational Register with Medicare Australia) and have no outstanding CPD Program requirements including fees and points.
  • Satisfactory completion of CPD Program requirements up to the time that the name was removed from Medicare Australia’s list of Recognised GPs is a prerequisite to being reinstated on the list.

Forms to remove or reinstate GP names are available from the National CPD team. Please allow at least three weeks, prior to returning to work, to complete the administrative process.

GPs who access any Medicare program or service, and are absent from general practice for more than three consecutive months in the triennium may apply for special consideration. The National CPD office should be contacted in advance for advice.

Please contact the National CPD team regarding access to Medicare programs and services (Vocational Register, Fellows List, Medicare Plus) using the contact details below.


1800 472 247