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Important Message

We’re excited to announce that the Certificate of Primary Care Dermatology is currently undergoing a full content and technology review. For this reason we are currently unable to accept new registrations for all modules with the exception of modules 4 and 5 which directly relate to the face-face workshop. Registrations will open again with the launch of the 2020 – 2022 triennium.

For those already enrolled, you can continue to use the existing platform. For all past and current enrolments, you will be given access to the new online platform once it is launched.

Diagnose and manage common skin conditions

Certificate of Primary Care Dermatology trains GPs  to diagnose and manage common skin conditions (including skin cancer) and is open to all GPs and GP registrars. The course content is currently being reviewed and updated by the RACGP in partnership with Dermatology specialists.

This certificate course consists of 25 modules:

  • Twenty three online modules are delivered through gplearningParticipants are required to complete an assessment at the conclusion of each module. Participants must achieve an assessment mark of 80% to successfully complete each module.
  • Module 5: Dermatological surgery workshop is a face to face, 2 day event conducted by the RACGP. Participants must complete Module 4:Practical procedures in dermatology prior to attending the workshop. The next workshop date and location TBA.
  • Module 6: Clinical experience consists of a clinical attachment. Participants can only undertake module 6 after they have completed all 24 other modules.

Successful completion of all 25 modules is required to attain the Certificate of Primary Care Dermatology.

You can enrol in, and pay for, each module as you are ready to undertake them (and have completed any prerequisites). Alternatively, you can pay for all modules in advance (save $800) and complete them at your pace over 3 years.

If you experience technical difficulties with any of the Certificate of Primary Care Dermatology modules, please consider the following:

  • Don’t leave the activity open in the background if you are unable to complete it in a single sitting. Exiting the activity once every hour allows your answers to be saved and bookmarked in the system so that you can return to the same spot and continue on without errors. You may need to wait a few seconds before re-launching the activity so that the system has time to store your answers.
  • Provide short answers when a question asks you to input text. Multiple lines for a single answer field increase the chance of the activity experiencing errors.

The Certificate of Primary Care Dermatology modules are not compatible with tablets or smartphones.

QI&CPD Program approval

Modules 1, 8 and 9 have been approved by the RACGP QI&CPD Program for 40 Category 1 points in the 2017–2019 triennium. Category 1 points will be allocated when the predisposing activity, education content, and reinforcing (assessment) activity for each module are completed. All other modules are approved for category 2 points.

Course references

Key recommended reference

Habif T, Campbell J, Chapman S, Dinulos J, Zug K. Skin disease. Diagnosis and treatment. 3rd ed: Elsevier Mosby, 2011.

Recommended further reading for those particularly interested in dermatological surgery

Robinson J, Hanke C, Sengelmann R, Siegel D. Surgery of the skin. Procedural dermatology: Elsevier Mosby, 2005