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Advanced Skills Training Intake 3 applications now closed

The RACGP will no longer be accepting applications to Advanced Skills Training nor running future intakes.

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Invest in your AOD skills

Applications to the RACGP’s third and final intake of Advanced Skills Training closed 11.59pm AEDT 21 March 2022.

Advanced Skills Training is a self-directed program, where members develop and implement their own 20-hour AOD learning plan to address their unique learning needs. The training is ideal for those wanting a bespoke learning experience to explore a topic(s) related to the treatment of alcohol and other drug use.

Successful completion of Advanced Skills Training attracts a reimbursement payment of $2,500 (exclusive of GST and subject to relevant taxation).

Advanced Skills Training is an accredited 40-point CPD Clinical Attachment under the RACGP Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program for the 2020–22 triennium.

Further information on eligibility and terms and conditions of Advanced Skills Training is included in the Terms and Conditions – Advanced Skills Training.

RACGP members who have already accessed the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) Drug and Alcohol Addiction Training Program are not eligible to apply.

The RACGP will provide fair access to Advanced Skills Training for members applying from across the country.

Applications will be assessed based on the justification provided by the applicant of how Advanced Skills Training will enable them to make a positive contribution to the health and wellbeing of their patients, the wider community and the RACGP AOD community of practice.

Applications are completed online. The application process requires reflection from applicants. Applications can be saved and amended/completed at a later point in time if required.

As part of the application process, members will be asked to do the following:

  • Identify a mentor of their choice. Mentors can be GPs or any other APRHA registered health professional experienced in treating patients for AOD use. (See below, How do I find a mentor? for more information)
  • Reflect on the needs of their patients/community.
  • Identify their own learning priorities (learning outcomes).
  • Set performance indicators.
  • Outline a plan of activity.

The RACGP will offer support to members who wish to apply to Advanced Skills Training and require assistance to complete their application form.

Access application guide

Limited places are available. If the RACGP receives a substantial volume of quality Advanced Skills applications exceeding available places, determinations may be based on the date applications were received by the RACGP.

Nominate an Advanced Skills Mentor

Each participant is required to utilise the support of an AOD Mentor. Participants must identify their own Mentor when applying. Mentors can come from a range of AOD related medical specialties / professions and must be registered with AHPRA. (See below, How do I find a mentor? for more information)

Develop a Personalised Learning Plan

Participants will be required to develop a Personalised Learning Plan (PLP) outlining their learning needs and skills they’ll prioritise. 

The PLP must contain 20 hours of AOD related professional development activity and participants must use a mix of formal and informal activities to meet their learning needs. PLPs should include activities such as, online modules/courses, webinars, professional reading (including clinical guidelines), case reflection and review (preparing and discussing with mentor), clinical placement/ on site learning and other education that best fits with individual identified learning needs.

Complete an Activity Logbook

Participants will be required to document their completed activity and reflect on how this activity addressed their learning needs.

Once a participant completes 20 hours of activity, they’ll submit their logbook on the Advanced Skills Learning Management System, Survey Monkey Apply (SMA). This must be completed by 13 June 2022 or as soon as the participant has logged 20 hours.

Post Education Activities

At the completion of the participant’s personalised learning plan, participants will be encouraged to share their newly acquired knowledge with other GPs.

Participants will also be required to complete an evaluation survey. Completion of these tasks enables the RACGP process the participant’s one-off completion payment

As part of the Advanced Skills application process, your mentor will need to accept payment via the RACGP's payGP system. This allows the RACGP to pay your mentor for the support they provide you. Your mentor must complete this paperwork before your Advanced Skills application is approved by the RACGP.

The RACGP will use your mentor’s contact details as provided in your application and support your mentor through the process of completing their paperwork. If your mentor experiences ongoing difficulties regarding their paperwork, the RACGP will notify you as soon as possible so you can nominate a new mentor.

Mentors must accept their paperwork by 21 March 2022 to allow members to complete their application.

How do I find a mentor?

It is the responsibility of participants to secure their own Advanced Skills Mentor. Mentors do not need to be GPs. They can be any health professional that is registered with AHPRA that has an expertise in treatment of AOD use.

For most applicants, the easiest way to secure an Advanced Skills Mentor will be to approach a colleague from their practice or a GP in their region who is experienced in supporting patients experiencing problems with their AOD use.

Alternatively, participants may consider approaching their local AOD treatment service provider.

Possible Mentors:

  • GP
  • Clinical Nurse Practitioner
  • Addiction Medicine Specialist
  • Psychologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Pain Medicine Specialist
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Health worker
  • Pharmacist that dispenses buprenorphine/naloxone and methadone

I’ve been asked to be an Advanced Skills Mentor. What am I being asked to do?

A potential Advanced Skills Mentor is an AOD expert professional registered with AHPRA.

As a Mentor, you’ll be required to support a participant to develop and implement their 20-hour AOD Personalised Learning Plan. This will require a minimum of 6 hours of your time throughout the participant’s training.

As a Mentor you’ll receive a one-off reimbursement payment of $1,500 (including superannuation and subject to relevant taxation) for supporting an Advanced Skills participant to complete the program.

If a Mentor has capacity, they’re able to support up to 3 Advanced Skills participants.

Access Mentor Guide

Intake 3

8 November 2021 (9am AEDT)

Applications open

21 March 2022 (11.59pm AEDT)

Applications close

21 March 2022 (11.59pm AEDT)

Deadline for your mentor to accept their online paperwork

13 June 2022 (11.59pm AEDT

All tasks in program completion phase including completed Activity Logbook due

20 June 2022 (11.59pm AEDT)

Mentor Activity Logbook verification and survey due

For more information about the program contact:

 1800 472 247