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Last updated 30 March 2024

You might be facing some of these challenges as you aim to enhance your medical knowledge and skills:

  • You don’t have the time or the funds to do a full degree.
  • You don’t have access to quality training programs that cater to your busy schedule and are relevant to your day-to-day job.
  • The training programs you have access to aren’t keeping up with the rapidly changing socio-economic and health environments.
  • You see a mismatch between primary care practitioner competencies and the changing expectations and needs of the population.
  • You don’t receive feedback on your skills or the gaps in your knowledge.

That’s why the RACGP is committed to delivering education programs and services that help GPs around the world meet increasing healthcare demand and the changing expectation of their communities. We provide internationally certified, practical and flexible skill-based training, along with valuable resources and a community of support.

We offer our international members a variety of courses, workshops and training opportunities online so you can pick and choose your areas of study.

An RACGP international membership gives you access to:

  • gplearning, our online learning portal with hundreds of general practice education activities for all stages of your career
  • check, our monthly clinical learning program that tests your ability to apply clinical knowledge in consultations
  • our online resource library, which contains an ever-expanding collection of global medical content to support your clinical, research and education activities
  • RACGP live interactive webinars and workshops covering a wealth of general practice topics.

Becoming an RACGP member means that you:

  • are recognised and valued for your professional expertise in your local community
  • feel confident in your role as a family doctor in your community
  • are able to build trusting and ongoing relationships with your patients
  • stand out as a medical expert in your local community.
  • achieve job security, recognition and appropriate remuneration.

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