Pre-employment Structured Clinical Interview - Assessor technical guide

Screen sharing and remote control

Screen sharing and remote control

After the applicant’s ID has been checked, one of the panel members will start the reading time by sharing their screen and giving the applicant remote control of the reading materials for that scenario. They will need to click their mouse on the document to activate their control of the document. They can scroll through the document as they would any other document. Depending on their internet connection there could be a slight delay or lag.

Once they can control the reading materials, you will see the following message “Applicant is controlling your screen”.

To share your screen:

  • Close all other applications and files except for Zoom
  • Open applicant reading material in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat and leave open on desktop
  • Click on the green ‘share screen’ button:

    Share screen
  • Select the PDF document to share (ensuring you select the document as opposed to the screen that the PDF is on):

    Share a document
  • Click share
  • It will now show that you are sharing your screen, like below:

    New share

To give remote control:

  • Once you’ve shared your screen (PDF document) click ‘remote control’ to give control to the applicant:

    Remote control
  • The applicant will need to click on the document to gain control and will then be able to use their mouse to scroll through the document. It is important you do not touch your mouse once they have control, as that will automatically take control back off the applicant.
  • The scenario is to remain open, shared and controlled by the applicant for reading time and scenario discussion only. Once the scenario is completed, click ‘stop share’ (you may need to click it twice).

    Stop sharing


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