Pre-employment Structured Clinical Interview - Assessor technical guide

How does Zoom videoconferencing work?

How does Zoom videoconferencing work?

The Zoom meeting will have three virtual rooms: a waiting room, an applicant lounge, and an interview room.

In the applicant lounge the RACGP staff member will brief the applicant and check their valid ID. They will be required to use their camera to show the RACGP staff member the physical space of the room where they are completing their interview. This is to ensure that there are no resources to aid the applicant in their interview.

You will need to choose your own venue, which must be private, quiet and have a stable internet connection. You are encouraged to source an alternative way to access the internet and log in to the interview in case you have technical issues on the day.

When the applicant is admitted into the interview room, a panel member will share the reading material for each clinical scenario using the share screen function. This remains on the screen for the duration of the scenario except when, in some scenarios, you might provide additional information during the questioning. An applicant may be moved back to the applicant lounge in the event of technical problems or anomalies.

When the applicant has completed all clinical scenarios, the chair will provide an exit briefing. The applicant will be asked to leave the interview by clicking on ‘Leave’ and then ‘Leave meeting’.


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