IMG Support through the RACGP Mentoring Program

The RACGP Mentoring Program is an exciting opportunity for international medical graduates (IMGs). It enables IMGs to establish a relationship with an experienced general practitioner (GP) who has had similar personal and professional experiences while becoming an Australian GP. The program can give IMGs support, guidance and advice on their career in Australian general practice.


IMGs wanting to pursue a GP career in Australia face a number of personal and professional challenges, especially seeking employment and the required registration. This journey can be even more challenging for IMGs who are not familiar with the Australian medical system, culture, rules and regulations.
Without support, IMGs can be disheartened and overwhelmed.
The RACGP Mentoring Program helps IMGs connect and help each other manage the personal and professional challenges of becoming a GP in Australia. The program helps IMGs who are new to Australia to understand the:

  • Australian primary healthcare system
  • role of an Australian GP
  • social norms and customs of Australian culture
  • possible career pathways and steps to gain full registration and Fellowship.
Based on their own personal and professional experiences, the mentor will guide, support and advise the mentee:
  • Guidance: help the mentee clarify their goals and advise on how to achieve them.
  • Support: be a trustworthy listener and someone to whom the IMG can speak in confidence.
  • Advice: provide open, honest and evidence-based feedback, resources and contacts.

Why should you become a mentee?

Upon completing the program, you will be able to:

  • outline the employment opportunities for IMGs in Australia
  • understand the medical registration process and the available pathways to practise medicine in Australia as a GP  
  • discuss Australian culture and its impact on general practice
  • describe strategies and skills to help you become a successful Australian GP
  • explain what patient care looks like in Australian general practice
  • discuss options for alternative career paths within general practice
  • describe how to start building your professional network and a personal development plan
  • gain control and confidence to navigate your personal and professional pathway to Australia.

Why should you become a mentor?

As an IMG who has successfully completed your fellowship journey to Australia, you may want to:

  • guide IMGs who aspire to become a GP in Australia
  • help someone taking a similar path as you to Australia
  • form meaningful relationships with others.
Mentoring will be a satisfying long-term experience that is as beneficial for you as it is the mentee. A mentee can help you to work on your own personal and professional development goals. Mentees can teach their mentors a lot about what it means to:
  • be a strong leader
  • have courageous conversations
  • help your mentee navigate their daily challenges and big picture goals.

It can be a great opportunity to reflect on your experience and be reminded of important lessons. Likewise, mentees bring a unique perspective that a mentor may not always encounter.
The program is CPD accredited. Mentors will earn CPD points upon completion of the full program, from training commitments in January to the final mentoring session in December.
For details on how the CPD points will be calculated, please contact the RACGP Leadership Development team.

The program is an approved CPD activity

Participants will have CPD hours logged upon completion of each of the programmed activities starting from training commitments in January to the final mentoring session in December.
For details on how the CPD hours will be calculated, please contact the RACGP Leadership Development team.

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