Exam eligibility

Information for candidates

Candidates on the GPE Pathway are required to undertake the RACGP Fellowship Exams, for more details please refer to the Examination Eligibility Policy in the Fellowship Pathways Policy Framework.

Guaranteed GPE outcome for 2020.2 exam enrolment

GPs on the GPE (Practice Eligible) Pathway who wish to enrol in the 2020.2 Fellowship examinations are required to submit a completed application for assessment of General Practice Experience by Monday 25 May 2020. Applications submitted after this date will not be guaranteed an outcome in time to enrol.

If further information or documentation is required we will endeavour to assess your application before the close of enrolments at 9:00 am, Monday 10 August 2020 however, these applications will not be covered by the above guarantee.

General practice experience assessment fees

Assessment type

Non-Member assessment fees

Member assessment fees

Assessment of overseas general practice experience



Assessment of overseas and Australian general practice experience



Assessment of Australian general practice experience



Fees subjects to change.