Policy change notice: New Education Services policies – 15 April 2015

15 April 2015

Notice of RACGP policy update

Education Services Appeals Policy

The RACGP has published a new policy, the Education Services Appeals Policy, which replaces the former Appeals Policy and Board of Censors’ Decisions Reviews Policy.

In the new policy the scope, grounds for appeal and appealable decisions have been refined. Interested parties may first apply to have a decision reconsidered. If they are not satisfied with the outcome they may then apply to have the decision considered by a formal hearing of the Appeals Committee. Fees apply for application submission.

RACGP Examinations Special Consideration Policy

The RACGP has published a new policy the RACGP Examinations Special Consideration Policy which replaces the former Special Consideration Policy.

This policy details:

  • the different types of special consideration that an examination Candidate may apply for
  • the special consideration provisions that may be granted
  • the circumstances under which special consideration can be granted
  • the timelines and process for applying for special consideration.

The policy aims to balance the need to support applicants of genuine need whilst ensuring the integrity of the RACGP Examinations.

Fellowship Exams Candidate Handbook

The RACGP has published an updated version of the Fellowship Exams Candidate Handbook.

The following updates have been made in the new versions:



5.1 Enrolment

5.2 Venue allocation

5.4 Sitting an exam on an alternative day

Previously candidates were required to complete an application for special consideration when requesting:

  • an alternative payment arrangement due to financial hardship (see 5.1)
  • to be placed in a specific exam for medical or other exceptional reasons (see 5.2)
  • to sit the exam on an alternative day for religious or other exceptional reasons (see 5.4).

The relevant sections have been updated to show that these types of requests can now be sent directly to racgpeducation@racgp.org.au.

5.8.1 Withdrawal fees

The withdrawal fee has reduced from $300 to $100.

Candidates who withdraw up to and including 20 business days before the scheduled exam date will be refunded the exam fee less a $100 withdrawal fee.

The new policies were published to simplify the RACGP’s special consideration and appeals processes and the handbook was updated as part of RACGP’s ongoing development of the RACGP Examinations and the award of Fellowship of the RACGP.

The policy documents can be accessed via the Education Services policies and procedures page on the RACGP website.

If you have any enquiries relating to this policy update, please contact Rebecca McKinnon, Policy and Reviews Coordinator on 03 8699 0511.

Policy Coordinator