Policy update notice: Guidelines for ADF registrars – 7 February 2018

7 February 2018

Notice of RACGP policy update

This notice is to advise that documents and policy relevant to ADF registrars have been updated to reflect a range of policy updates made in 2016 and 2017.

These changes are reflected in the following documentation:

  1. Updated Guidelines for ADF Registrars
  2. Application form and report for Overseas Extended Skills posts
  3. The Vocational Training Pathway – Requirements for Fellowship Policy
  4. The RACGP Standards for General Practice Training

What has changed?



Relevant documentation

1. All registrars, including those in the ADF, must meet the experience requirements for fellowship as outlined in clause 5.2 of theVocational Training Pathway – Requirements for Fellowship Policy.

These requirements include:

i. The hospital term must be completed in full – ADF registrars must spend 12 months of post-PGY1 hospital training in accredited posts, in line with the policy.

ii. ADF registrars must spend 18 months in general practice during their training

ADF registrars must also meet published the part time requirements, as per clause 4 of the Requirements for Fellowship Policy.

While the RACGP is cognisant that training needs for ADF registrars may differ at times from non-ADF registrars, these requirements are in place to ensure quality training and outcomes for all registrars on the AGPT Program.

Updated Guidelines for ADF Registrars

2. Overseas extended skills posts may only be undertaken once an ADF registrar has completed 12 months in general practice training.

Overseas posts are acknowledged by the RACGP as valuable training for ADF registrars – however, they may not be comparable to Australian general practice, and it is considered important to ensure that registrars also gain appropriate general practice experience as part of their training.

Updated Guidelines for ADF Registrars

3. Six months of extended skills training must be undertaken. Posts must be at least one month in duration, and 50% of total hours worked must involve contact with patients

This change has been made to ensure that registrars continue to gain clinical experience during extended skills posts.

The Requirements for Fellowship Policy was updated to require a 50% clinical component of extended skills posts.

RACGP Standards (criterion


Requirements for Fellowship Policy (clause 5.2.b-d)

4. Clarification of relevance of overseas extended skills posts to ADF registrars only.

The RACGP only recognises overseas posts for ADF registrars; the application form has been updated to clarify this. Additional information regarding overseas posts has also been added to this page.

Overseas posts application form and report

5. The overseas form extended skills posts has also been updated to reflect the above policy change (3.) requiring 50% of an extended skills post to involve contact with patients

Updated to ensure consistency between this documentation and the policy change outlined in 3.

Overseas posts application form and report

Requirements for Fellowship Policy

6. The requirement for the first 3 months of GPT1 to be spent in full-time civilian practice is no longer mandatory.

Instead, the 6 months of GPT1 may be completed as:

i. special training environment posts;

ii. civilian practice only; or

iii. composite STE/civilian posts.

Each of these options must meet the minimum part time requirements as per clause 4 of the Requirements for Fellowship Policy.

Due to the nature of ADF obligations, ADF registrars found it difficult to complete the mandatory 3 months of civilian practice once they entered GPT terms. This meant that to complete this requirement, registrars were working in civilian practice during their hospital year instead, meaning that they were not completing the program requirement of 12 months in hospital. Allowing the 3 months of civilian practice to be completed in composite posts or special training environments ensures that ADF registrars spend the full 12 months in hospitals prior to beginning GPT terms.

Policy Update Notice

Where can I view the documents?

The ADF Guidelines and overseas posts documentation can be viewed here: Updated Guidelines

The RACGP Standards can be viewed here: RACGP Training Standards

The Requirements for Fellowship Policy can be viewed here: Requirements for Fellowship


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