RACGP Australian General Practice Training Program Selection


1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to define the requirements for selection into the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) Program.

2. Scope

2.1 This policy applies to all medical practitioners applying for entry onto the AGPT Program as part of the Vocational Training Pathway.

2.2 This policy is to be read in conjunction with the RACGP Reconsiderations and Appeals Policy and the AGPT Application Handbook.

2.3 This policy replaces the previous AGPT Selection Policy (Previous Policy) and will come into effect as of 4 January 2022. For the avoidance of doubt, to the extent that there is any inconsistency between the Previous Policy and this policy, the terms of this policy apply.

3. General Principles

3.1 The RACGP selection process serves to identify candidate capability for entry into the AGPT Program.

3.2 The RACGP is committed to:

  1. Transparency, rigorousness and fairness,
  2. Ensuring a robust, valid and consistent selection process,
  3. Utilising contemporary selection tools fit for purpose,
  4. Merit-based assessment,
  5. The consistent application of the selection principles,
  6. The Closing the Gap initiative and improving access to training in general practice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander doctors, and
  7. The elimination of discrimination and bias.

4. The AGPT Program Selection Process

4.1 Determination of program eligibility for the AGPT Program is undertaken by the RACGP. For eligibility, requirements please also refer to the AGPT Application Handbook relevant to the year of application.

4.2 The RACGP requires program eligible candidates to enrol in and undertake the RACGP Candidate Assessment and Applied Knowledge Test (CAAKT).

4.3 Dependent on a candidates score in the CAAKT, they may be invited to progress to interview with one of their preferred training regions which determine the candidates who will be offered training placements.

4.4 The RACGP will prioritise the selection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander candidates, including but not limited to:

  1. The allocation of an interview at a training region that meets the candidate’s family and cultural needs, and
  2. Priority selection into this region where the candidate meets interview requirements.

4.5 CAAKT outcomes are only valid for entry into the AGPT Program year for which the candidate is currently applying. Participants may only attempt the CAAKT once per calendar year.

4.6 The training region will make an offer of a training placement to successful candidates. If the candidate accepts the offer, they must complete the RACGP’s membership requirements as detailed in the GPiT Membership Guidance Document.

4.7 Candidates who attend an interview for a particular training region and pathway in the first intake of the year and do not receive or accept an offer will not be reallocated to the same training region and pathway for interview in any subsequent intakes for the year of entry.

4.8 Upon completion of the RACGP requirements for entry, the candidate is accepted into the AGPT Program.

5. Withdrawal from CAAKT

5.1 If a candidate wishes to withdraw from the CAAKT, they must contact the RACGP at least 48 hours before the CAAKT date.

  1. Failure to notify the RACGP within the prescribed time, or non-attendance at the CAAKT, may result in the forfeiture of the CAAKT fee. Please refer to the Assessment Candidate Handbook for more information.

6. Application outcome

6.1 If a candidate believes that an outcome relating to the CAAKT or training region placement offer was reached incorrectly, the candidate may apply for reconsideration in line with the RACGP Reconsiderations and Appeals Policy.

  1. An application for reconsideration must be received by the RACGP within ten national office business days of the candidate being notified of the outcome.

7. Amendment of this Policy

7.1 The Censor-In-Chief may, without the consent of the Board, make Minor, Moderate and Extenuating Amendments to this policy at any time.

7.2 If the CIC makes amendments, they must advise the Board of those amendments as soon as practicable.

7.3 The Board may make amendments to this policy at any time.

8. Responsibilities

8.1 Board

Responsible for approval of policies.

8.2 Censor-in-Chief

Responsible for approval of Moderate, Minor and Extenuating Amendments to the policy by delegation of the RACGP Board.

8.3 Applicants

Responsible for providing the RACGP with a complete application to the AGPT Program.

8.4 Candidates

Responsible for:

  1. enrolling in and undertaking the CAAKT if eligible,
  2. attending an interview if offered,
  3. accepting an offer for a place on the AGPT Program if offered.

8.5 Training Organisations

Responsible for conducting interviews.


Responsible for:

  1. identifying candidate capability for entry into the AGPT Program,
  2. holding the CAAKT, and
  3. offering successful candidates training placements.

9. Glossaries

9.1 Applicant

A medical practitioner who is applying for entry into the AGPT program

9.2 Candidate

A medical practitioner who has applied for selection into the RACGP Vocational Training Pathway and has progressed to participation in the RACGP selection process

9.3 RACGP Vocational Training Pathway

A three-year vocational training program for medical practitioners wishing to pursue a career as a specialist general practitioner, for which AGPT program is an entry point.

10. Related Documents, Legislation and Policies

11. Policy Review and Currency

This policy will be reviewed every three years from the last approval date, or when there is a significant change in the intent of the policy. This policy remains valid and applicable notwithstanding if it is overdue for review.

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  • Simplified clause 3.2.iii to reflect the high level principle of how we will run the selection process using contemporary tools.
  • Added clauses 3.2.iv and 4.4 to highlight the focus on workforce equity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants.
  • General nomenclature review.

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