Registrar Membership

1. Introduction

This guidance document provides further information on procedures related to RACGP’s Registrar Membership Policy.

2. Definitions

Approved leave means leave approved by a Regional Training Organisation (RTO) or the Department of Health (DoH) in accordance with AGPT policies, or the Remote Vocational Training Scheme (RVTS).

Financial RACGP member means a member who has: met the membership category requirements; had their complete membership application form accepted and paid their membership fee in full.

Registrar means a medical practitioner who is enrolled in the Vocational Training Pathway.

Vocational Training Pathway means the RACGP’s three year (full time equivalent) specialist general practice vocational training program leading to the award of Fellowship of the RACGP. There are two entry points into the Vocational Training Pathway: the AGTP; and the RVTS.

3. Guidance

3.1 Suspending membership during approved leave

Under clause 5.6 of the Registrar Membership Policy, Registrars may suspend RACGP membership during periods of approved leave three months or greater in duration, on provision of appropriate supporting evidence. It should be noted however, that access to all RACGP member benefits (e.g. gplearning, check, AFP, RACGP library, discounts on publications and services, support and advocacy functions, and eligibility to sit the exams) is suspended during the requested period of leave.

To suspend RACGP membership Registrars must contact the RACGP and apply for a suspension of membership and candidacy in the Vocational Training Pathway. Applications must be made via email to with the following naming convention: Suspension of Candidacy – Dr [LAST NAME] – RACGP ID. The email must include evidence of the approved leave (including start and end date) from the Registrar’s RTO, DoH, or RVTS (as appropriate). Any application must be received by the RACGP within 10 business days of commencement of approved leave, for a suspension of membership and candidacy to be considered.

If a suspension of candidacy is approved, any membership fees already paid by the Registrar for the period of approved leave will be credited pro-rata towards the cost of their next membership fee.

3.2 Applying for recognition of training

Under exceptional circumstances consideration may be given to recognise training undertaken during a period when a Registrar was not a financial RACGP member. Registrars who apply for membership after the dates specified in clause 5.1 of the Registrar Membership Policy, or who have not maintained financial RACGP membership throughout their candidature on the Vocational Training Pathway, may apply for recognition of training by detailing the reasons for not holding financial RACGP membership whilst in the pathway. Applicants must email with the following naming convention:

Application for Recognition of Training – Dr [LAST NAME] – RACGP ID. Any determination is at RACGP’s discretion.

4. References

Registrar Membership Policy

Vocational Training Pathway – Requirements for Fellowship Policy


 1800 626 901