Readiness to undertake an assessment or examination

1. Introduction

For a Registrar to be eligible to undertake an RACGP assessment or examination, their vocational training provider must confirm that they have been assessed as ready to undertake the assessment or examination.

2. Definitions

RACGP Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

Registrar means a medical practitioner who is enrolled in the Vocational Training Pathway.

3. References

Vocational Training Pathway Examination Eligibility Policy

4. Guidance

A Registrar’s readiness to sit RACGP assessments or examinations requires the satisfactory completion of all of the vocational training provider’s training requirements up to the time of examination application.

Typical vocational training provider program requirements include the satisfactory completion of:

  • External clinical teaching visits
  • Supervisor feedback requirements
  • Required education activities, for example, lectures, workshops and other learning activities
  • Placement requirements
  • Any other sources of feedback and assessment that are currently used to determine if the registrar is ready to progress to the next term.

A registrar’s readiness to undertake an assessment or examination is determined by the vocational training provider.

Unsatisfactory progression of training and readiness to sit RACGP Assessments and Examinations

If a registrar has completed the time requirements of a term (see the Vocational Training Pathway Examination Eligibility Policy), but the vocational training provider’s learning assessments have been determined as unsatisfactory, the vocational training provider may then deem the candidate as not ready to sit the relevant RACGP examination.