A guide to RACGP Selection for Entry into the AGPT program

1.0 Introduction

This document provides further information on the selection process referred to in the RACGP Australian General Practice Training Program Selection policy.

2.0 Definitions

  1. Applicant means a medical practitioner who is applying for entry into the Australian General Practice Training Program (AGPT) program
  2. CAAKT means the Candidate Assessment and Applied Knowledge Test
  3. Candidate means a medical practitioner who has applied for selection into the RACGP Vocational Training Pathway
  4. RTO means Regional Training Organisation

3.0 Guidance

The selection process comprises the following stages:

  • Stage 1 – Application and eligibility
  • Stage 2 – National assessment
  • Stage 3 – Interview and offers

These stages are outlined in detail below.

3.1 Application and eligibility

3.1.1 The applicant submits an application to the AGPT via the RACGP website.

3.1.2 The RACGP will assess applicants' applications and supporting documents to determine eligibility for the AGPT program. To be eligible, an applicant must:

  1. be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or an Australian permanent resident or on an accepted temporary visa with an active Australian permanent residency application;
  2. have recognised medical qualifications;
  3. hold, or expect to hold, general medical registration prior to the commencement of the training year;
  4. be willing to withdraw from any other medical training programs in which they are currently participating; and
  5. have fulfilled all requirements of the Australian Medical Council (AMC) or the Competent Authority pathway, if the applicant obtained their medical qualification outside of Australia or New Zealand (for overseas trained doctors only).

3.1.3 The RACGP will notify candidates of their eligibility for the AGPT program.

3.2 National assessment

3.2.1 The RACGP will direct eligible candidates to enrol in the national assessment – the Candidate Assessment and Applied Knowledge Test (CAAKT). The candidate will select an available date, time and test center to undertake the CAAKT. The CAAKT comprises of Knowledge Test questions and Situational Judgement Test questions. It is based on the RACGP Education framework and the assessment focuses on knowledge, skills and attributes related to becoming a general practitioner.

All eligible candidates are required to pay a selection fee of $725 to participate in the RACGP selection process. Payment of the selection fee is made upon enrolment for the CAAKT.

The Australian Government funds all training and education costs. The only other costs are to sit your Fellowship exams and membership fees.

3.2.2 Candidates who achieve the minimum standard in the CAAKT may progress to Stage 3. Candidates falling below the minimum standard will be advised that they will not progress further in the selection process.

3.3 RTO interview

3.3.1 Candidates who meet the minimum standard in the CAAKT will be ranked and may be allocated to one of their preferred training regions for interview. As there are limited training places available, allocation to interview is not guaranteed.

3.3.2 Candidates are more likely to attend interview at their first preferred placement option if they achieve a high standard in the CAAKT.

3.3.3 Applicants may attend one interview per interview round. Interview allocations cannot be changed once allocated.

3.3.4 The format of the interview process (ie. multiple mini-interview or singular interview format) will be at the discretion of the RTO. After the RTO interview, scores for each candidate are forwarded from the RTOs to the RACGP.

3.3.5 RTOs will make the final determination as to which applicants will be offered training placements.

3.3.6 Candidates with successful placements are advised of their outcome through a joint letter from the RTO and the RACGP.

3.4 Subsequent intakes and interview rounds

3.4.1 Candidates who did not receive an interview or offer are able to renominate their preferences and participate in any subsequent intakes or interview rounds for any unfilled positons.

3.4.2 The RACGP will notify all applicants of any subsequent intakes or interview rounds.

3.5 Reconsideration of selection decisions

3.5.1 Candidates who contend that an incorrect decision has been made in relation to their CAAKT result or their RTO placement offer may request reconsideration of that decision in line with the RACGP Reconsiderations and Appeals Policy.

4.0 References

RACGP Australian General Practice Training Program Selection policy

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