Australian Capital Territory

We are aware of the ACT lockdown and are working with ACT Health and our exam provider to establish if the exam can proceed to run safely. We will communicate to candidates directly once further information is available.

You will be required to make a COVIDSafe attestation on arrival.  If required by state directions on 22 September, you must bring and wear your own face mask the entire time you are at the test centre, including throughout your exam. For details, please see Pearson VUE’s website.

New South Wales

Requirement for rapid COVID testing on exam day

You must undertake a COVID Liat test on the day of the exam.

There will be a specific location for the COVID Liat testing in the Sydney CBD. You must undertake the test at this location only. The testing location will be available shortly and we will contact candidates with the full details including the address and the instructions to follow.

The negative COVID Liat test result (SMS) will be a requirement of entry to the exam venue. On arrival at the exam venue, you must show the SMS to staff in order to be permitted entry.

Travel to the exam

Read the NSW guidelines for specialty medical college exams carefully to ensure you understand your obligations in travelling to and from the exam and keeping yourself and the community safe.

The exam will be held in the Sydney CBD. Currently, this is not an area of concern and authorised workers such as doctors are permitted to attend the exam subject to a range of requirements, including:

  • Permits to travel are required for those exam candidates who are leaving an area of concern.
  • Permits are also required for those candidates who are travelling to an area of concern.
  • Exam candidates are permitted to travel to exams from outside of Greater Sydney to Greater Sydney, but require a permit if travelling to an area of concern. Candidates must comply with public health orders while in Greater Sydney and after they have left Sydney and return home, for a period of 14 days. This means:
    • Must not stay in another person's home while in Greater Sydney
    • Must comply with stay at home requirements for 14 days after leaving Greater Sydney (authorised workers may attend work)
    • If stayed overnight in Greater Sydney they must obtain a COVID test before they are permitted into a workplace more than 50km outside Greater Sydney
    • Must not carpool while in Greater Sydney.

Register for a travel permit

Permits should be carried when travelling to and from exams. Changes to public health orders may occur at short notice. Up to date information about areas of concern, movement restrictions and permits may be found here.

COVIDSafe arrangements at the exam venue

You will need to make a COVID attestation on arrival at the exam venue and wear a face mask for the duration of the exam. You should regularly check our exam provider’s website for any changes.

Update for candidates sitting in Parramatta: Exam moved to Sydney CBD

In order to meet NSW Health’s requirements to run the PEPEA safely, the exam has been moved from Parramatta to a new location in Sydney CBD. Candidates who were previously allocated to sit the exam in Parramatta will receive an email on 13 September 2021 from our exam provider, Pearson VUE, containing the new exam location. Please note that session times may also change, so ensure to read the email carefully and contact us at selection@racgp.org.au with any questions.

Important: There is no change in venue for candidates who were originally allocated to Sydney CBD.

NSW Health has issued guidance to allow specialist medical college exams to proceed safely under lockdown.

NSW Health specialist medical college exam guidelines 

You will be required to make a COVIDSafe attestation on arrival and to wear your own face mask the entire time you are at the test centre, including throughout your exam. For details, please see Pearson VUE’s website.

If you wish to claim a legal exemption to not wear a mask, contact us at selection@racgp.org.au by close of business Friday 10 September 2021. To maintain the safety of all candidates and venue staff, special arrangements will need to be made and cannot be guaranteed. You’ll need to provide evidence to support any exemption request.

For those candidates who couldn’t sit the PEPEA in July due to covid restrictions

The RACGP offered candidates who were enrolled to sit the July PEPEA in NSW or SA and couldn’t do so to still start the PEP in October 2021, with the following changes: 

  • You must sit the PEPEA on 22 September 2021
  • Your PEP start date will change from 1 October to 25 October 2021

You also have the option to defer your start date from:

  • 1 October 2021 to 1 January 2022, OR
  • 1 October 2021 to 1 April 2022

What you need to do: 

  • Prior to sitting the exam I September you must have completed the steps we outlined in previous communications.
  • Sit the PEPEA on 22 September 2021
  • After passing the PEPEA, sign your program agreement, pay your term invoice and be a financial member of the RACGP by 5.00 pm on 21 October 2021 (if commencing on 25 October 2021).

A reminder that the timelines to ensure you start the PEP in late October are tight, and therefore, we need your help to make this possible. It is essential that you keep an eye on your inbox during these upcoming months and meet the deadlines outlined. We won’t be able to accept any late responses. Please mark the dates above in your calendar and contact us by email to pepadmin@racgp.org.au if you’re concerned you’ve missed anything. 

If these dates change, we’ll update this website and contact you via SMS.

What happens with your provider number? 

If you are currently on a 3GA provider number that is due to expire shortly, the RACGP will work with your provider to secure an extension. Once you have commenced on the PEP, the RACGP will issue you a PEP provider number for the duration of your PEP educational and post-educational components. It is understood the requirements for satisfactorily completing the PEP, progression during and after the educational component and the requirements for Fellowship exam eligibility are met as outlined in the PEP policies.

If you don’t hold a provider number, we’ll work with you to expedite your PEP provider number so that it is issued as soon as possible in readiness for your start in the PEP on 25 October 2021/ 1 January 2022/ 1 April 2022. A member of our Provider Number team will follow your case and keep you updated.