PEP Entry Assessment (PEPEA)

PEPEA – Standard Stream

The PEPEA is a test which comprises clinical applied knowledge questions and Situational Judgement Test (SJT) questions. There are 100 questions on the PEPEA.

It is a requirement to pass the PEPEA before progressing into the next step of the program.

After applying for the PEP, eligible candidates will be advised via email about how to enrol in and pay for the PEPEA. Candidates are strongly advised to schedule their PEPEA as soon as possible to secure a placement in their preferred location. Candidates can elect to undertake their assessment in any state or territory, subject to availability, when they book online. Any associated travel costs are the responsibility of the candidate.

The cost of the PEPEA is $725.00.

For more information on the PEPEA, please refer to FAQ 1 for doctors who are eligible for the PEP.