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I am in the post-education phase

Frequently asked questions

You’ll need to log in to the RACGP website for access. You can use the same RACGP credentials you use regularly.

Once logged in, the PEP portal can be accessed from the drop-down menu on the top right corner of the RACGP website. Your user guide can be accessed by selecting the Help button on the top menu.

You can email postedadmin@racgp.org.au or call 1800 472 247 for technical support, portal enquiries and other PEP ST related matters.

Upon satisfactory completion of PEP requirements (outlined in the PEP Standard Satisfactory Completion Framework guidance document), and provided you have met all the eligibility requirements outlined in General Practice Experience Pathway – Exam Eligibility Policy, you can sit the exams.

For step-by-step instructions on how to complete your GPE application, you can read Applying for a GPE Assessment. Your experience is assessed in line with the Assessment of General Practice Experience Policy.

Yes, a GPE assessment is required in order for us to monitor your exam eligibility. Ideally all participants should have applied for a GPE assessment in the last six months of their education time.


Participants must commence their exam candidacy as soon as the RACGP confirms they are eligible. This means as soon as your GPE assessment deems you eligible to sit exams you need to start sitting.

No, you don't need a PEP ST Activity Statement to enrol in the Fellowship exams.

Upon satisfactory completion of the educational phase of the program, the provider number is extended (not automatically) for a period of three years or until your exam candidacy is exhausted in line with the Fellowship Exams Attempts Policy. You will need to request an extension of your provider number for the post-education phase once it is closer to expiry. You can refer to the PEP - Provider number continuation requirements guidance document for more information.

Extensions are only valid to participants that are meeting the relevant policy criteria for post-education progression and provider number continuation. If you don't continue to meet these criteria your provider number may be cancelled and you may be withdrawn from the program.

Your provider number will be cancelled. You’ll also be unable to re-enter the PEP with a funding subsidy from the Australian Government’s Non-VR Fellowship Support Program.

Yes, you may be able to sit the exams as long as you meet all the General Practice Experience Pathway – Exam Eligibility requirements. Please note, if you are withdrawn during the post-education phase your provider number will also be withdrawn.


We’re always here to help, so you can email postedadmin@racgp.org.au if these FAQs have not answered your question/s.