FSP Registrar Handbook

Training transfers

FSP Registrar Handbook
    1. Training transfers

You can transfer between training regions.

Transfer between training regions

We expect you to remain in your allocated training region for the duration of your training. However, we recognise in some situations you may require a transfer. You may apply for a transfer if:

  • you have an identified career and/or education and training need that can’t be met in your current training region, and this has been approved by your regional lead ME
  • you, or a significant family relation, have extenuating and unforeseen circumstances
  • you’re unable to obtain employment in an appropriate training site.

Any changes in training location must be requested through a Change in Circumstance form.

If we identify you need to transfer

If you’re unable to find employment in an appropriate training site or you have a career and/or education and training need that can’t be met in your current training region, your training coordinator will manage an application for transfer on your behalf. Your regional lead ME will need to approve the transfer.

Transfers in extenuating and unforeseen circumstances

If you, or a significant family relation, are affected by extenuating and unforeseen circumstances, talk to your training coordinator about applying for a transfer. They’ll advise you of the process and the documents you’ll need to provide in your application.

A transfer may be approved on a temporary or permanent basis. Your current regional team and the team for the region you're transferring to must both approve the transfer.

An extenuating and unforeseen circumstance is something outside your control, can reasonably be considered to have been unforeseen, and can be shown to have a direct and significant impact on you. The RACGP considers extenuating and unforeseen circumstances on a case-by-case basis.