Fellowship Support Program Registrar handbook

Training site requirements

Preparing for employment

      1. Preparing for employment

Preparing for employment

Complete an employment agreement

While in the FSP, you're responsible for your employment arrangements and conditions at your approved training site.

Before commencing at a training site, you need to finalise your agreement and employment terms and conditions. You should get in contact with the practice manager or relevant administrative staff member early so that your employment contract is finalised before the term begins.

Have a Medicare provider number

It is vital that you have an RACGP FSP Medicare provider number before you start working at your approved training site. Your provider number gives your patients access to Medicare rebates for all or part of their healthcare. This means that you cannot access Medicare rebates if you don't have a provider number, and any time you spend working without a provider number can't be counted as training time.

What happens if I don't receive a Medicare provider number in time for my program commencement?

If you don't have a provider number, it may mean you can't start work, as your patients won't be able to claim the Medicare rebate. You'll need to be on category 4 leave as per the Leave Policy.

What if I change training sites?

If a change of training site is approved by the RACGP, you must apply for a new Medicare provider number. We'll send you a new Medicare provider number application form along with your outcome letter should your change of training site be approved.

Will my training site and the RACGP be notified of my Medicare provider number?

No. Services Australia will send your Medicare provider number to you. It's your responsibility to notify your training site and the RACGP of your provider number as soon as you receive it to ensure you're able to start at your training site as planned.

How long is my Medicare provider number valid?

The RACGP authorises Medicare provider number end dates for six months beyond the education component of your FSP. We're able to assist with exensions to your provider number for the education and post-education components of the FSP, providing you continue to meet training progression requirements and the training site complies with the General practice fellowship program placement guidelines. If we withdraw you from the FSP or you withdraw voluntarily, your provider number will be cancelled.

It's your responsibility to monitor when your Medicare provider number is due to expire. Neither Medicare nor the RACGP will issue reminders.