Fellowship Support Program Registrar handbook

Training program requirements

In-practice education

      1. In-practice education

In-practice education

Your teaching plan

In the first two weeks of the term your supervisor will work with you to develop a teaching plan based on your learning needs, with details of learning activities to be carried out during your program (this is informed by your EASL results). We encourage you to think about your personal learning needs before meeting with your supervisor. The RACGP curriculum and syllabus is also a valuable tool for developing the teaching plan.

The plan should include a schedule that shows when the activities will take place and who is responsible for each activity.

Throughout your program, you and your supervisor should review and update the plan to ensure the in-practice teaching and learning activities are meeting your learning needs.

In-practice teaching activities

Most teaching activities will be with your supervisor and related to your daily case load, such as one-on-one clinical case discussions and mentoring. These are important aspects of work-based learning.

Other teaching activities might include direct observation, case-based teaching, patient scenario discussions, joint consultations, formal teaching on specific topics, review of taped or recorded consultations, demonstration of and participation in clinical procedures, random case analyses, small group discussions and cultural education. Your supervisor will tailor teaching activities to your learning needs and the context of your practice.

You will also learn informally through quick discussions with your supervisor throughout the workday.

In-practice teaching time

During your program, time will be set aside for in-practice teaching activities, including ‘protected’ time that is free of interruptions (unless there is an emergency). In the first year of the FSP, one hour each fortnight of protected in-practice teaching time is scheduled. In the second year, it is one hour per month. Your in-practice teaching time is the same whether you are working part time or full time.