Fellowship Support Program Registrar handbook

Training program requirements

Education and training requirements

      1. Education and training requirements

Education and training requirements

The FSP is made up of education and post-education components. The education component comprises of four, 26-week terms, and the post-education component is the period during which you can sit Fellowship exams (when deemed eligible).

Table 1. FSP training terms and time requirements

  Training term FTE weeks

FSP education component


26 weeks


26 weeks


26 weeks


26 weeks

Rural Generalist Fellowship training
(if you choose to undertake)

Additional rural skills training

52 weeks

Core emergency medicine training

26 weeks

To successfully complete each training term, you must:

  • satisfactorily meet all education and training requirements
  • be assessed as successfully completing the training term.

If you don’t successfully complete a training term, you may need to apply for an extension for assessment purposes. Refer to Extensions of Program Time policy for more information about extension of training.

What's not included in the program time

Some types of leave are not included in the program time cap:

  • Category 1 leave – leave from the training program.
  • Category 3 leave – Australian Defence Force (ADF) service leave.
  • Category 4 leave – deferral of commencement of training.
Refer to the Leave Policy for more information.