Fellowship Support Program Registrar handbook

Training program requirements

Performance and progression

      1. Performance and progression

Performance and progression

The performance and progression of each registrar is discussed regularly by the ME, program officer and other program team members. These discussions serve several purposes:

  • planning for a registrar’s learning needs
  • tracking progression and development of competency
  • early identification of registrars who need support.

These discussions may include the registrar, particularly when there is assessment feedback to be given and to plan learning goals.

Progression Review Committee

The RACGP’s Progression Review Committee (PRC) oversees the progression of all trainees. Its role is to provide support and/or advice on recommendations made by the training program team regarding educational support, remediation, and supervision requirements, as well as ongoing review.

The progress of all registrars is overseen by the PRC for quality assurance purposes. If a program officer, ME or supervisor raises concerns about a registrar for any reason, they may seek advice from the PRC.

Advice or recommendations from the PRC will be shared with you, generally through your ME.

This process provides an opportunity for you to develop a plan to address issues, such as training or learning needs, to ensure you’re receiving support to continue progressing through training.

If your progress isn't at the expected standard, a learners individualised focused training (LIFT) strategy will be suggested. A LIFT outlines a set of activities to address areas of performance that need improving. If you need intensive assistance, a remediation term will be discussed. During a remediation term, program time is stopped to allow focus on a particular area of competency improvement. If a remediation term is proposed, completion is mandatory and self-funded.

Exit interview

As you approach the end of your FSP education component, you'll have an exit interview with your ME. This will take place during your final training term when you've completed most program requirements. The exit interview may cover a range of topics, including requirements for exam eligibility and Fellowship, your feedback on the training and your program team, and any interest you have in becoming a supervisor or medical educator after you complete Fellowship requirements.