Fellowship Support Program Registrar handbook

Induction to the FSP

Recognition of prior learning and experience

      1. Recognition of prior learning and experience

Recognition of prior learning and experience (RPLE) will not be offered from the 2024.2 intake (registrars commencing July 2024) and onwards. An exception applies if you have previously voluntarily withdrawn from Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) or the Remote Vocational Training Scheme (RVTS).

What is it?

RPLE is relevant training that can meet some of your education and training requirements in the FSP. If eligible, we'll offer you RPLE which can reduce your total program time.

RPLE is available as credit for a total of six months of the FSP, shortening your program time from 24 months to 18 months (ie a maximum of 26 calendar weeks). Your determined program length remains the same whether you are working part-time or full-time in general practice. However, if you are working part-time, it may take you longer to meet exam and Fellowship eligibility requirements.

How can I be considered for RPLE?

For registrars who have previously voluntarily withdrawn from AGPT or the RVTS, a formal application process will apply.

Further details regarding this process will be added soon.

Accepting RPLE is optional, you may wish to decline the offer of RPLE and complete a two-year FSP. You'll be able to speak with your ME about the individual impact RPLE could have.


When will I hear if my RPLE application is successful?

Eligible registrars RPLE application will be forwarded to the state censor and you'll be advised of the outcome by week 13 of GPT2.