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FSP Registrar Handbook

Training placements

Boundaries in your workplace

FSP Registrar Handbook
      1. Boundaries in your workplace

Boundaries in your workplace

To maintain appropriate boundaries in your workplace:

  • you shouldn’t enter into a formal therapeutic relationship with your supervisor while you are undertaking a training term
  • you and your supervisor shouldn’t prescribe for each other or pressure one another to provide prescriptions for yourselves, your families or friends
  • we recommend that:
    • registrars do not treat other practice staff (including other GPs)
    • practice staff do not seek medical care or prescriptions for themselves (or their families) from the registrar when realistic alternatives are available.

In a rural area where there may be limited access to alternative medical care, the practice may consider a policy of allowing you to treat staff with appropriate supervisory oversight, after considering the risks, benefits and alternatives. Your training stage should also be considered, and the situation should be discussed with you.

In the rare event of an emergency requiring you or your supervisor to provide emergency treatment to the other, the incident should be disclosed to the local ME (if consent given). You must formally debrief the emergency with other supervisors in the training site or with your local ME.


Find yourself a GP, in a different practice to your own, if possible, who you feel comfortable talking to about work and personal stresses and attend regularly for preventive health.