Fellowship Support Program Registrar handbook

Induction to the FSP

General practice training terms

      1. General practice training terms

General practice training terms

Your general practice training term begins when you start the FSP. You must complete four general practice training terms (24 months) as part of your training requirements. Each term consists of 26 weeks.

Induction interview

You'll have an induction interview with your ME in week three or four of your first term to discuss your training program. It's a chance to get to know each other and talk about your background, experience and readiness to start in general practice training.

Together, you'll develop a training plan. You'll cover topics such as:

  • training requirements
  • training plans, any requirements you have and potential barriers to your training
  • your early assessment for safety and learning (EASL) outcome
  • eligibility for recognition of prior learning and experience
  • your career plan
  • any questions you may have and any other infomraiton you need to know for your training.

You'll be sent an email in your first week of training to select a time to conduct the induction interview.


Complete the orientation module before you meet with your ME so that you can make the most of your time together by focusing on specific training advice for your circumstances.

Notify us of a change in your Ahpra medical registration

If your medical registration changes at any time during your training, you must advise us via a change in circumstance form (available on the FSP portal). If you don't notify us of a change to your registration you may be reported for academic misconduct (refer to the Academic Misconduct Policy). It's best to advise us as soon as you know that a concern has been raised about you with Ahpra so we can provide the appropriate support.

A change to your medical registration might include a restriction, condition, limitation, reprimand, supervision requirement, tribunal outcome, suspension, undertaking and/or other remark or change.

Refer to the Ahpra website for more information about possible outcomes when a concern is raised about you.


You should notify us a of a change in medical registration using the change in circumstance form which is accessible on the FSP portal, clicking on the profile icon.