FSP Registrar Handbook

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RACGP membership

FSP Registrar Handbook
      1. RACGP membership

RACGP membership

Once you’ve accepted your training offer, you’ll need to become a financial member of the RACGP, even if you haven’t started working in general practice yet.

You must maintain your membership throughout the program, including while you’re sitting Fellowship exams and being admitted to Fellowship.


Once accepted into the FSP you’ll receive a membership renewal invoice; you won’t need to complete a membership application form, as we’ll set up your profile using your application information. We expect you to pay this invoice a month before your first day of training. If we don’t receive payment, you may be suspended or withdrawn from the program. The RACGP Constitution details your rights as an RACGP member.

Maintain your financial membership throughout the FSP

It’s important to know that any training you do without a valid RACGP membership won’t count towards your education and training requirements.

You’ll need to be a Registrar Associate member; your program time won’t be recognised under other membership types.

Recognition of training completed during a lapse in membership

On occasions when extenuating and unforeseen circumstances can be demonstrated, the RACGP may consider recognising training activities you undertook while not a financial member.

If you believe you’re affected by extenuating and unforeseen circumstances, you may apply for recognition of training completed during a lapse in membership. Send us an email detailing the reasons for not holding membership while on the program.

Send your email to fspadmin@racgp.org.au and use the following subject-line naming convention: Application for Recognition of Training – Dr [LAST NAME] – RACGP ID number.

Note that any decision is at the RACGP’s discretion.